Tai Chi Break™ is a program providing employees of corporations with an effective, affordable, and enjoyable approach to managing STRESS.

In the business world today, increasing health costs and work-related injuries, both physical and mental, make prevention programs a necessity rather than a luxury. Tai Chi is an ancient art whose health benefits have long been known and are now being corroborated by the medical establishment in this country. Those who practice Tai Chi are rewarded with improved balance and flexibility, superior breathing, stronger circulatory and lymphatic systems, reduced hypertension, pain relief, and a greater overall sense of well-being.

In our competitive marketplace, retention of quality employees is often determined by the scope of the compensation package each company extends. Exclusive to San Diego at present, Tai Chi Break is the first program of its kind.

Offer this therapeutic art at your place of business. There is no expensive outlay for equipment. No special workspace is necessary. Our staff will come to your establishment and integrate this program - seminars and/or ongoing classes - into your daily calendar.


Tai Chi is an uniquely powerful system of exercise, healing,
meditation, and martial art. So efficient the Chinese government subsidizes individuals to teach this art to its populace... one-and-a-half billion people.

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